Last weekend we went down to Dunmore East for Council Meeting on Thursday night in preparation for Communion Sunday night. Bronwyn’s head cold got a lot worse. It seems like whenever we leave home for a few days, she gets sick. I’m so ready for spring to take away all these sick germs.

We stayed at the guest apartment quarters connected to Dan and Barbara’s house. Barbara is giving sewing lessons to church ladies on Friday mornings, so I took my knitting over to get in on the fun. Left to right above is Linda Miller, Victoria Gregory-Smith, Rachel Patten and her daughter Marian.

L to R: Ivonna, Esther Patten, and Natalia Pylypchak.

Bronwyn is blessed with so many sweet little girls at church who play so nicely with her. This is Ruth and Grace Patten.

She started sucking her thumb (sometimes her finger) last week. It’s the cutest thing. It has also taken 99% of the fuss out of nap time. I give her a cozy blanket, she finds a finger or thumb to suck, and goes right off to sleep.

Sick, tired eyes. Poor little thing.

Ready to head out the door to church.

Today Gabriel drove to the airport to pick up our friends, Joy Mast and Lana Martin, who are coming to visit. He skipped class this morning, took the toll road to avoid traffic, paid to park in the airport car park, and stood around for an hour waiting for them to show up. Then he realized that I had read the itinerary wrong. They’re coming in tomorrow morning, not today. I guess that’s what happens when you trust your wife to be logical and intelligent. He’s informed me that I’m in his debt for pretty much the rest of our married life. I suppose I can handle that. πŸ™‚