I can hardly believe that my baby is already ten months old. Has it really been that long since she was born? It feels like only a few months ago.

We drove down to Wicklow National Park to see the ruins of St. Kevin’s monastery at Glendalough the other weekend. The whole place had an aura of . . . I don’t know, mystery and intrigue. It was thrilling to imagine living there centuries ago when the monastery was in use. Thrilling, that is, until we realized how hard, dangerous and YUCK life was back then. Who wants to live in a stone house with tiny windows that let in only a little light and all the cold air, with no indoor plumbing, knowing all the while you were in danger of marauders from nearby countries? Not me, thanks.

Anyway, while we were at these ruins we snapped some pictures to document Bronwyn at this age.

We think she definitely looks like a Jantzi. Not much of her mother’s genes, I’m afraid, except that she does have the Zimmerman blue eyes (which sadly escaped me).

She has two teeth, is walking more and more by herself, and is f.i.n.a.l.l.y sleeping a consistent 10-11 hour stretch at night. She waves bye-bye and night-night and loves to look at books. Hopefully that’ll turn into a love for reading. She is definitely the light of our household and we can’t imagine life without her!