The other day I had loads of things to do. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, getting the guest room ready for much-anticipated guests (Gabriel’s brother and sister-in-law who arrived yesterday — yay!). But the sun was shining, the children were grumpy, and I decided the only thing to do was take them outside while I did some work on the roses.

I snipped off old blooms and tied up new branches to the lattice. The sun shone warm on my back, and the children cheered up immediately. In the middle of smelling a new bloom, I thought of our dear pastor and the threatening storm he and his family are facing. And I thought, How is this fair? That I’m smelling roses in the sunshine with my happy children, while he and his family are facing such a trial?

I think God whispered to me what came next: “It’s not fair. But you are called to care for your family here, for my glory. They are called to face those storms there, for my glory.”

You better believe I smelled those roses as deeply as I could. And prayed as hard as I could for the ones facing that storm in Vermont.

All for God’s glory.