We have a big weekend coming up: the annual Family Conference at our church in Co. Waterford. A bunch of families from different parts of Ireland and UK come together for fellowship and special topics relating to family. We’re looking forward to it a lot. Gabriel is in charge of the music throughout the weekend. I’m excited about learning from the guest speaker, John Coblentz. What helps the anticipation is knowing there is childcare provided throughout the sessions for adults. πŸ™‚ (Do I even remember how to take notes?) So. We’re looking forward to it.

The struggle I face is this: the conference hasn’t even started, and I’m already feeling prickly. Irritated at rubbing shoulders all weekend. Sure that my buttons will be pushed in all kinds of ways. Knowing I’ll feel overwhelmed by the crowd after about two hours.

This is annoying because, folks, these are wonderful people who attend the conference, and I would like to enjoy fellowship with them. Why in the world am I feeling irritated at spending a mere two days with them? Does it mean I’m an intelligent introvert who needs lots of alone time after being in crowds? (I like that one.) Is it the devil trying to take away God’s glory from the weekend? Is it just my inherent selfishness? (Probably.)

What do you think? Are feelings like this legitimate or should they not be given consideration? I’d love to hear your thoughts, people.



P.S. Val Yoder, the former principal of Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute, used to say that those initials actually stood for Students Molded By Irritations. Ha.