Gabriel is enjoying rotations so far. He’s had two weeks of equine medicine at the hospital at the university, and now he’s in a week of small animal medicine at the same hospital. He says if they have an intern who takes his/her teaching responsibility seriously, they learn a lot and don’t have much down time. If they have an intern who doesn’t do that, the students spend a lot of time standing around (frustrating). This week he’s under an intern who is good at teaching.

There were only two students on this rotation, and the other one got sick. That means that Gabriel is down to work Saturday and Sunday as well, but hopefully they won’t be full days.

This week his hours are weird: 12:00 noon to 9:00 or 10:00pm. We like having him around in the mornings, but I miss him at supper and the children’s bedtime (why does everything get crazy from 5:00 until bedtime?).

He’s figured something out: if he cycles to school it rains. If he drives, it’s sunny. So he’s been driving lately, and everyone is happy. 🙂

In these warm(er) sunny afternoons, I’ve been taking the children to the park across the road. We stroll around, Bronwyn wearing her sunglasses and Greg soberly chewing on the straw of a sippy cup. We check out the fountains and the nature study room that has a big fish tank, crayons and paper, and stuffed animals. Bronwyn ducks into the courtyard cafe a few times to beg for ice cream, and her mean mom drags her out. We smile at other people out doing the same thing we are: soaking up the precious sunshine while it’s here.

Yesterday on our way out to the park, the neighbor kids came running down the sidewalk towards me. “Will you come to our sale?” When I got there, they threw offers at me like candy: ten cents for this, twenty for that, I think that’s free. They were selling their toys for charity, they said. I bought a set of really cute wooden people for fifty cents. When I came back on my way home, they had a sign taped to the tree that read: Please come to our sale, it is for charity so please come to our sale. Aww.

I went for groceries at Lidl this morning, and guess what I saw in the car park: a Tim Horton’s delivery truck. For a brief brief moment I was homesick for Ontario. 

Both of our next-door neighbors are on holidays at the moment. I guess tonight would be a good time to break out the ukulele and the campfire songs. 

If you want to, leave a note telling us how your summer is going so far. (Unless it includes swimming. Then you can just slink off.)