One year ago she looked like this.

Now she looks like this:

Excuse me while I find a box of tissues.

*** *** ***

Bronwyn turned two in May, and suddenly she’s not a baby anymore. Some big girl stuff she’s doing:

-We’ve been talking about colors and shapes for a few months and it seems like something just clicked in her brain because a few weeks ago she caught on. It’s so fun asking her the colors of balloons or the shape of certain objects. She usually gets it right.

-“I pee in toy-et.” She’s excited about the IDEA of potty-training, but she doesn’t really get the logistics of it. Yet.

-She loves when someone reads books to her. This week I heard her “reading” to her baby doll, and she was repeating the main parts of the story I had read to her earlier.

-Yesterday I was feeding Gregory and noticed that he’d spit up on the floor earlier. I asked Bronwyn to get a cloth and wipe it up–and she did it.

-When she wants to get around someone or something in her way, she says, “Coom-SEE.” (“excuse me”) It’s sweet and hilarious.

Bronwyn’s hip dysplasia story isn’t ended yet, as we found out this spring. Her right hip is much better, back in socket and doing its job, but the socket isn’t as deep as it should be. The surgeon is recommending a surgery called a pelvic osteotomy to correct that. She’ll have to be in a brace for about six weeks after that. The surgery is scheduled for August. This was disappointing news for us, but we know it could be so much worse than it is. We feel confident that our surgeon knows what he’s talking about, and that our God has good reasons for allowing all of this to happen.

She has a sweet personality, a strong will, and a feisty temper sometimes. She’s made us pray for wisdom more than we ever did before becoming her parents.

We can’t image life without her.

Happy birthday, little girl.

Last two photos by the lovely and talented Marylou.