Look who passed his spring exams and is now in rotations! A final-year vet student! Whee!

We are so pumped about this, y’all. It’s exciting for Gabriel to do some hands-on learning.

I’m happy to see the final year approaching even though it looks intense from a family life viewpoint. The schedule leaves a lot to be desired.  Gabriel leaves before the children are up in the morning and comes home usually an hour or so before their bedtime. He’s been home for dinner twice in the last two weeks. I don’t know how single moms ever, ever do it. At least our family knows this kind of thing has a deadline on it.

Before rotations started, Gabriel had two weeks off school, so obviously his schedule was a lot looser than it is now. When he went back, Bronwyn asked every morning, “Daddy home?” and kept asking it all. day. Now when she wakes up in the morning, some of her first words are, “Daddy school?” Aww.

With all the inconveniences aside, we are so happy to be heading into this last year of vet school. Gabriel is optimistic about rotations and is looking forward to the challenges of his last year of vet school. (Oohhh, those last phrases were fun to write.)