The past month could be christened the Month of Guests. We were showered with overnight guests, y’all. I’ve been marinating a post about them, and now I have to write it or I never will — and our guests deserve to be written about.

One of the first ones to arrive was my brother Marcus all the way from Liberia. He was on his way home on furlough and stopped in for a few days to see us and meet our children for the first time. (Yes, you read that correctly. Isn’t that SAD? But it happens when you and your sibling live on different continents and your extended family lives on yet another.) We had a lovely five days with him, visiting a falcon show and touring the new Titanic museum in Belfast.

We had more overnight guests throughout the month . . . such as Hannah, Libby, and Quentin who came up to hear the King’s Singers perform in Dublin. (Did Gabriel and Jennifer go? No, we were tired. That, my friends, is what being parents, facing final exams, and getting old does to you.) Most of our guests were here for a night and flew out of Dublin airport the next day or vice versa. Roman and Ruth Kauffman’s family came up for a night, bringing birthday cake and ice cream for our dessert. (I turned 31 in May. (Now I know you’re wondering if Gabriel is that old. 😛 He’s three years younger–but he finally has a gray hair! Progress.))

Our last group of visitors was four ladies from America. Three of them were from Georgia, and I’d known them casually when I was growing up in South Carolina. Let me just say that their visit was like the proverbial balm in Gilead. The past three years in Dublin have been a lonely season for me, and these wise, gracious, kind ladies, three with SOUTHERN ACCENTS, were sent straight from heaven. In the two days they were here, they blessed us so much. The first night they made me sit down while they cleared away the supper leftovers and washed and dried the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, and all the while Ruby gave me the best head and neck massage I’ve had in years. And that’s just one example. I’m not even going into the family photos that Marylou took of us or the lovely and thoughtful hostess gifts they left. The last evening, one of them told me that in a sense (I can’t remember her exact words) she feels called to minister to lonely missionaries, and I almost cried because although we’re not missionaries by definition, I KNEW she’d been sent from God to us that week. Thank you, Lois, Marylou, Ruby, and Carolyn.

The ladies left us early on the morning of May 31. I stayed in my pajamas all day and did laundry, and it was a singularly satisfying way to end the Month of Guests.