We’ve been having normal life lately. It’s so nice.

Gregory takes daily swing rides. When our neighbors noticed Bronwyn vigorously “helping” her brother swing, I mentioned something about the first child being made of china, but the second child is made of plastic. “It looks more like he needs to be made of rubber,” our neighbor replied dryly.

Bronwyn remains fascinated with horses. “Ho’se? Ho’se?” And one of us has to go get Gregory to put on her back for a horsey ride.

A friend loaned us her Bumbo seat. Gregory likes to sit in it and think Deep Thoughts About Life. (Notice the spoon in his lap? He’s still looking for it in his hand.)

And this happened the other day when I combed Bronwyn’s hair into braided pigtails for the first time.

I laughed so hard.

There’s a peek into our daily lives. I’d love a peek into yours!

-A Grateful Mama