I read somewhere (okay, here) that being a true New Yorker means:

  • you don’t gawk at celebrities on the street
  • you know how to maneuver through the tourists without breaking your pace
  • you can tell a cabbie the best route to take to get you to your destination
  • you don’t feel threatened when walking at night

I have accomplished all of those things in Dublin except the first, mainly because a) I don’t recognize many celebrities, and b) there aren’t many in Dublin. But man, it’s good to be at home here and feel like this is “our” neighborhood. Tomorrow I’ll feel like a foreigner and a dumb immigrant again, but that’s how culture shock works. Next week I’ll be back to feeling at home.

Don’t get me wrong — I still consider myself a country girl at heart, but I do see some advantages to city life. Choice of four grocery stores within a mile of your house? Doctor, pharmacy, convenience store, and lovely park within walking distance? Largest shopping centre in Ireland a ten-minute drive from your house? Yes, thanks, I’ll enjoy that while I have it.