A friend needed a picture of our family tonight, so after supper we went outside before the light died. I put the camera on the waste bin, propped it up with a roll of paper towels, glanced through the owner’s manual to learn how to do the self-timer, and came up with four shots of the Gabriel Jantzi family before the battery died.

*** *** ***

On an unrelated note, Gabriel’s and my bedtime conversation went something like this:

Me: It seems lots of places are having an early, mild spring.

Him: Yeah, all across the northern hemisphere.

Me: It gives me a sense of impending doom.

Him: You know what, I don’t worry about that at all. I don’t think it’s coming, but if it comes, bring it on. (Grins) I won’t have to pay back student loans then.


*** *** ***

There, now you have a picture of our family and a glimpse of our relationship as Jennifer the Pessimist and Gabriel the Eternal Optimist of Wonder and Light.


Your Resident Pessimist