Oh Gregory! You’re four (and a half) months old.

You weigh about 14 pounds and are in the 90th percentile for height.

You go to bed at 7:30-8:00 every night now, sleep until about 4:00 when you wake up to feed and go back to sleep until around 7:00. You still take a nap between almost every feed during the day.

You are so giggly. It’s so much fun to make you laugh and laugh. We were a little worried when you didn’t smile for your first six weeks, but you are definitely making up for it now.

You like watching your big sister play. You like being in the doorway jumper or playing on the floor. You also like being in your car seat (we can’t get over how different you are from Bronwyn) and almost always take a nap or are just happy when we go driving somewhere. You can also roll from your tummy to your back.

We still can’t really figure out who you look like. Definitely a Jantzi, but other than that you just seem to look like Gregory!

You’ve already had a mini haircut. You are kind of bald at the sides but the hair in the back was getting long and straggly. Mama said your hair looked like an old man’s hair. So one night Mom and Dad took a scissors to it — but they cut it too short, so now you look like an Amish old man who just got a haircut.

The following documents Mama’s pitiful attempt at getting a good shot of you and Bronwyn:

Ha. 🙂 Lunch and a nap made everything better.

Today we’re going to the embassy to complete your paperwork for your American passport application. Last time we were there, they told us they need a certified copy of our marriage certificate. Your uncle mailed it to us from Canada, but apparently it got lost because we never got it! So we ordered another one from the courthouse in South Carolina, and now that should be all we need to get your passport and American citizenship.

We can’t imagine life without you, Gregory!