First, I came down to the kitchen to find the sweetest Willow Tree angel from my husband. (My gift for him hasn’t arrived yet, but he’s going to like it.)

Then I took the children out for a walk in our new (used) double stroller. It’s a three-wheeler, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, but it’s a winner so far. At least I have a way to go on walks with both kids now. No more excuses not to get exercise!

Supper was steak, Greek roasted vegetables, and chocolate mousse. Gabriel came home with sparkling elderflower fizz, soft goat cheese, and smoked gouda with three kinds of crackers for a late-night treat. That man has good taste!

In summary, V-day 2012: small gifts, exercise, good food, and thanksgiving that we still love each other.

These two still love each other, too.

What was YOUR favorite part of February 14?