I avoid the term “New Year resolutions” because I usually don’t keep them anyway. This year I am hoping to improve on some things, though, by the grace of God.

1) Time management. Nothing so far has thrown me for such a loop as having two kids under two. I feel like I spend my days spinning my wheels, and at the end I collapse into bed with the knowledge that I get to do it all over again the next day–but what exactly did I accomplish? (Well, a lot, if I stop and think about it, but what I’m talking about is things like cleaning, sewing, regular household chores, and also “extracurriculars” like a part-time job and hobbies.) So instead of planning that I will sew a dress until I get it done (doesn’t work, I have so many interruptions and then I lose motivation to start again when I see how little I got done), I’ve started to think in half-hour increments. I’ll work on a project for half an hour as steadily as I can, and at the end, “Whee! Look how much I did!” instead of, “I’ve been working on this dress ever since Gregory is born and I’m STILL not done.” (Totally hypothetical situation. Not.) Somehow that feels more rewarding, and at least I know that I will eventually get done if I keep plugging away in half-hour increments here and there.

2) Posture. I know how school-girlish that sounds, but maybe if I’d paid attention when I was a school girl, I wouldn’t be having problems now. My back has been bothering me a fair amount lately, and a recent x-ray at the chiropractor’s office showed that I AM A HUNCHBACK, y’all. Ever since I saw it, I’ve been paying attention to posture and am surprised at how often I find myself hunched over. So here’s to better posture.

3) Documenting our family’s life with photos and writing down memories. I bought a Groupon deal for a photobook that expires in March, so that should give me some motivation to get one book put together by then.

4) This doesn’t have anything to do with the new year, but lately I’ve been feeling really low on love for the people around me . . . and even for those not around me. Sigh. My prayer these days is for God to give me the love to give away. It sure isn’t going to come from this heart of mine!

I’m curious if any of you have made resolutions for the new year. I’d be interested to hear what they are.