Gregory is growing so well. He has been an angel baby, sleeping and eating like clockwork. I can’t get over how different he is in personality from Bronwyn. Laid-back and patient are two qualities that describe him well. He hasn’t been as responsive as she was, but then he isn’t nearly as demanding either. He waited six weeks to grace us with a smile, but since then he’s made up for it with smiles, coos, and entire conversations with us.

I had him weighed and measured on Tuesday and he weighs twelve pounds and measures 23.5 inches long. Five and a half pounds is a pretty impressive weight gain; he jumped from the 9th percentile at birth to the 50th at eight weeks!

It’s hard to imagine our family without this little guy. Gabriel and he have been bonding a lot since exams are over, and it’s so good to see.

His Christmas present was this colour stacker/sorter. Bronwyn was intrigued with it. As you can see, Gregory isn’t too impressed yet.

Back to enjoying the rest of the “holidays”…ours lasts until Gabriel goes back to school. Pretty nice.