We traveled across the ocean and back since I last wrote on this blog. Our main goals were to see family  and friends and for Gabriel to get in some hands-on experience following vets around. We did lots of other fun things, too.

Like tractor rides. Bronwyn got her first ride on a Massey Ferguson (of course) that Gabriel was using to cut hay for his brother. I got to ride along, too. It brought back nice memories; some of our best talks have taken place in the tractor.

We got to go to a wedding! Gabriel’s brother got married to his true love in Ohio. It was a lovely wedding and had some of the prettiest colors and decorations I’ve seen lately. Also, Gabriel sang a solo in the ceremony and was emcee at the reception. He did a fantastic job in both roles. Also, my mom and dad were at the wedding and gladly took care of Bronwyn during the ceremony; that was such a blessing since we were seated all the way in the front pew. Also, I got to see a very dear friend for the first time in ages and we had a great time catching up with each other.

Happy and in love.

While we were in Ohio, we spent some time with my sisters, their families, and our parents. Bronwyn’s older cousins did such a great job playing with and entertaining her. She had a blast. A couple times at night I woke up to hear her talking, saying things like “ball”, but she was sound asleep. I guess her little mind got a lot of stimulation being around all those children!

I have a fat face, white hair, and a cute niece.

This, by the way, is where Bronwyn gets her blue eyes. And she spent a lot of time nakey this summer. At least as nakey as she could get, which wasn’t very.

Bronwyn cried because I wouldn’t let her scribble in a book, so Uncle Keith took her upstairs to the easel, and boy-howdy did she have fun.

After about six days in Ohio, we spent the rest of our time in Ontario. We stayed with Gabriel’s parents. Bronwyn learned to say “Grandpa” while we were there, which was pretty special especially considering that she still doesn’t say “mama.”

We went to a lodge for a few days with Gabriel’s family. It was five hours north of Kitchener-Waterloo, close to Alquonquin Park. The lodge was right on the lake and had kayaks to take out. I had never been kayaking, but I fell in love with it. Gabriel and I had some truly magical rides on that lake. One morning while on shore we saw a family of loons diving and calling to each other–another first for me, and somehow surreal to witness.

Bronwyn even got a few tiny rides around the dock in a kayak. (Don’t ask me what we would have done if her cast had gotten dunked.)

The five grandchildren of Bruce and Ruthann Jantzi. Wouldn’t you love to have that red hair in the family? I’ve always kind of wished for a red-haired child but I don’t think there’s much chance of that ever happening!

These guys played a Very Serious game of Construction one afternoon.

Kayaking at sunset in the fall on a lake in northern Ontario: something about that whole experience was so good for my heart.

And now we’re back home in Dublin. Yes, I said “home” and it really felt like it when we came back this time. We’re grateful for that.