Bronwyn has been one year old for over a month now, and even though I have loads of unpacking to do from our move, I decided today was The Day to take pictures of her. Tomorrow she goes into a hip cast for three or four months, and I really wanted to capture her running free at this stage of her life.

We visited a park that is — get this — just across the road from the housing development where we now live. It has acres of walking trails, as well as this beautiful walled-in garden where these pictures were taken. It was so tranquil and beautiful; I almost forgot I was in Dublin. (Sorry, that wasn’t as bitter as it sounded.)

I wanted her to be all cute and look at flowers, but nope, scattering stones was The Thing To Do. It makes me so sad to know that tomorrow she’ll be casted and unable to bend over and play with whatever she sees. But at the same time I’m so thankful that her hips can be treated.

I was happy with this one. I definitely found out that I should have taken along another person to keep her attention towards the camera. Oh well . . . candid shots are nice too, and maybe they document life more honestly.

Run as much as you can, baby girl! She loves that monkey . . .

She was looking at a lady I met in the park who managed to keep her attention for a few minutes.

Some things Bronwyn is doing at thirteen months:

-Climbing stairs. She just learned this since we’re at the new house. She gets about halfway up and then whines until I come get her down.
-Plays wild games of peek-a-boo. Loves to be scared.
-She says “Daddy” and “oof-oof” for puppy (she LOVES dogs). Not really much of anything else.
-She’s not usually scared of other people. On Tuesday when we moved house, Regina volunteered to watch her all day. Bronwyn didn’t even act like she missed me; in fact when they came back from a long walk, she headed straight for Dan’s lap instead of me!

Say goodbye to your freedom, little legs. We hope and pray to see you again in October!