Do you know what that means? Neither did I until a week ago about this time, after a doctor confirmed that Bronwyn’s limp was worrisome and referred us to another doctor who did an x-ray that confirmed my fears: Bronwyn has a dislocated right hip.

The drama never ends around here, y’all. 😮

Yesterday we met with an orthopedic surgeon who outlined a treatment plan for Bronwyn: minor surgery in the next week or two to set the hip into place, then a cast from waist to ankle on both legs for twelve, and possibly eighteen, weeks.

The doctor says it’s a developmental problem. Her hip socket actually isn’t well formed (even I could see that on the x-ray), which indicates that it’s been out of socket for a long time, maybe since birth. (She was checked several times for hip dysplasia, but apparently something like this is often missed until the child starts walking.) That’s the reason she has to be in the cast for so long; they want the top “ball” of the femur to be able to stimulate growth of the hip socket into the correct shape, so the hip stays in place by itself eventually. But to do that the pelvis has to be completely stable, so enter the Monstrous Cast.

It’s disappointing news, and I feel like the summer has been stolen from Bronwyn in the sense that she’ll be limited from so many outdoor activities. BUT I know it’s so minor compared to the bad news so many other parents have heard about their children. We’re thankful that we live in a part of the world where this hip problem can be treated. Also, eighteen weeks? That’s about when our baby is due! So we have double reason to look forward to the end of October around here. 🙂

We’ll still gratefully take your prayers if you think of us, especially in the next week or two as we get ready to move house and prepare for Bronwyn’s surgery and adjustment to The Cast.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time . . .