Did I tell you that we’ve been house hunting? Yes, again. We weren’t planning to move again while we live in Dublin, but then I got pregnant. Suddenly our two-bedroom apartment looked a lot smaller. Bronwyn already goes nuts if we stay at home all day, because we have no direct access to the outdoors, and there are only so many places to play in our small apartment. So we started looking. Eventually we narrowed our requirements down to three things: location (should be closer to university), access to a secure garden, and more space.

Last Saturday we had to get out of our apartment for an hour so the landlord could show it to some potential tenants, so we decided to go view some other houses while we out. So far nothing we’d seen had worked—either the place was too dumpy, or the rent was too much, or it wasn’t enough space, or the back garden was gravel (not very nice for children to play), or something else that didn’t work for us. So we didn’t have a lot of hope of finding something that day.

The first place we saw was very close to university. It was a small cottage with not a lot of storage space, but I was ready to take it. We decided to view the other house on our list before giving a final answer, so we left to do that. After we drove away, Gabriel suddenly said, “Hey, where was the table in that place?” Huh. Neither of us could remember seeing one, and there definitely wouldn’t have been space to put one anywhere. So that place was out. Maybe some people could survive without a table, but not us with two children.

We drove over to the next house. It was further from university, maybe about a kilometer closer than we are now. But it was in a quiet neighborhood. (I almost felt like it was too posh for us, remember we’re moving from Crumlin! ;)) The owners were there, doing some painting when we got there. The wife had lived in it for a few years before she got married. My ears perked up when I heard that; it’s always a good sign when the owner has lived there because they tend to keep their own houses in better shape than a strictly tenant-occupied house. The owners also struck me as being genuine, honest, down-to-earth people. I don’t know why that’s so important to me, but it means a lot.

Anyway, the house has far more space than we need, a lovely back garden with rose bushes and an apple tree, and lots of room for guests. Plus, it wasn’t (too far) out of our price range, and we feel we can sacrifice more money for that much extra space. Hopefully we’ll be able to use it lots for hospitality!

We sealed the deal that very day. While we were there, our current landlord rang Gabriel and said he’d found someone to take our apartment in two weeks. So that seemed like extra confirmation that we were making the right decision. Now we’re moving in a week and a half! We’re so excited about this house…come visit us and we’ll show you where the guest bedroom is. 🙂