Bronwyn + Caitlin = friends. It's fun to watch these two play together.

Today, I am grateful for:

-A summer job for Gabriel. He works for a vet at the lab in the veterinary sciences building of UCD. Not only does it count towards school credits for his degree, but he gets paid for it. And the timing of the job (six weeks long) is perfect since we plan to travel home later this summer.

-Summer holidays from school. I have a different (more relaxed, less stressed) husband when school is out of session, and we both like it that way.

-Hot tea with biscotti. Yes, we’re still waiting for summer, as in HEAT, to arrive. I gather we might as well give it up. At first I felt annoyed that I’m missing out on summer at home, but then I remembered that summer comes pretty slowly to Ontario, too. Plus those who are enjoying summer weather now will be sweltering by July and August . . . so I’ll accept my hot tea and sweaters now, thanks. 🙂

-Sporadic editing work for CAM. It’s such a blessing. I feel like I get paid to have fun, and it saves my sanity to do something unrelated to housekeeping or mothering sometimes. 🙂