We got a new car. Actually, it’s a used car, and we got it not because we wanted to give up our Volvo, but because it appears ready to give up the ghost, and we were advised to get something reliable before the Volvo leaves us stranded somewhere.

Our new car is a 2001 Toyota Avensis, and it looks like this:

It screams “family sedan.” It has cloth interior, no AC, and no cruise control. It has a manual transmission. Gabriel says it’s gutless but drives tighter and quieter than the Volvo. Most importantly, it has a three-month dealer warranty.

I never thought I was a car snob, but it’s actually hard to say goodbye to our sweet Volvo. The wide leather seats! The cruise control! 45 miles per gallon (54 mpg in Canada)!

Oh, whatever. As long as the Toyota lasts us for the next two years (and you can believe we’re praying it will), we won’t complain. There must have been a reason God allowed us to buy that lemon of a Volvo. At least we had the pleasure of driving it for six months!