Lately I’ve sort of been in a funk and not blogging—or doing—much. I feel as though my brain has turned into spaghetti—mushy, day-old, gelled-together spaghetti. Here are a few of my recent feats of stupidity:

  • Washed white clothes in the same load with blacks (a good way to end up with “yellows” in your closet).
  • Went to the grocery store, loaded up on groceries, got up to the till to pay and realized I’d left all of my money except for a couple euro at home. Hello?
  • Locked myself out of the apartment. Freaked out because our only spare set was down in Waterford, two hours away. Freaked out some more, then discovered the keys in my pocket exactly where I’d put them when I walked out the door.
  • Sent my husband to the airport to pick up guests THE DAY BEFORE they were scheduled to fly in. I’ll never, ever live that one down.

Anyway, the one nice thing about all of this is that I have something to blame it on: pregnancy brain.

Yes! I am pregnant. 🙂 Baby is due sometime in late October. I’m feeling better than I did a few weeks ago, although I’ll be glad to see some of my energy return soon. We’re thankful for this new baby. I’m especially glad that Bronwyn will have a sibling so close to her in age. Hopefully they’ll be best buddies in years to come.