Last night I went out…by myself. That’s not romantic, I know, but it IS refreshing and brings back memories of being Young and Childless and Irresponsible.

See, I got this brainstorm that since Gabriel got home early from school, he could watch Bronwyn while I went shoe shopping. He kindly agreed and I was free!

I took the bus into the city centre and rode up top (the buses are double-decker and the best way to see the city is up top in the front seat) for the first time in months and months, because usually I have the stroller with me. It was nice. I didn’t find any shoes (sigh) and chats with Gabriel revealed that Bronwyn was being a wuss about being babysat by Dad. On the 40-minute ride home, I got a text from Gabriel that said:

How’s the trip? Is the bus driver hurrying? Even so come, Jennifer.

I evilly texted back: I will come like a thief in the night and no man knoweth the hour.


Now, before you go thinking we didn’t have a romantic Valentine’s day, let me tell you something: we’re making up for it today. Wink, wink. I foresee babysitters and Italian food in our near future.