We spent Christmas Eve at Ken and Linda’s house. They had oodles of people over and it was so much fun. Deborah had the use of my camera that night and most of these pictures were taken by her (as you can tell, she actually knows how to use it…unlike yours truly).

I love their house. It’s been renovated from an old barn on the church property that used to be the mission’s workshop. The house is long and narrow but snug and absolutely dripping with character.

Is this not a cozy sitting room? I think Victoria has found the perfect place for reading.

So has Abigail.

The place soon started filling up with people. The Millers invited over forty people, and even though not everyone came, it was a full house.

Bronwyn loved this little rocking chair.

We were all supposed to bring appetizers…mmm.

Dani and baby Sarah.

We played a hilarious game that involved unwrapping a present and following whatever instructions were written inside. Here Jeanette is trying to draw a picture on her head.

Linda and Vadym had to work together to wrap a present using only one hand each. (And that scarf I’m wearing was knit by my 11-year-old niece, Callie.)

What warm fuzzies this is giving me…there’s something about being away from extended family over the holidays that makes me even more grateful for the bonds of this church family.