That was the title of the presentation that the three choirs of Dunmore East Christian Fellowship gave Sunday evening, December 5. Our church has a children’s choir, a men’s choir, and a youth choir. Gabriel is the conductor of the last two. Esther and Hannah Yoder did a fabulous job of organizing and conducting the children’s choir. I think the children were mildly excited that evening.

They were waiting until it was time to go on stage.

Do you think he’s wishing he could sing too? Maybe next year, Judah. (This little guy is so precious with babies…watches out for them as best he knows how. It makes it even sweeter that he’s hardly more than a baby himself.)

This is most of the men in our church. They sang two songs between the children’s choir and the youth choir.

This trio was cute. The guy in the middle did a valiant job of trying to keep them on key. L to R: William or Richard (can’t keep them straight) Pylypchak, Joshua Miller, Niall Yoder. I asked Niall later if he was nervous or just excited. “Oh, just excited,” he said. “The only thing I was nervous about was I was just hoping the Flynns would come.” (The Flynns are farmers who live near the church and are Niall’s heroes. They did come to hear the program, so Niall’s wish came true.)

L to R: Marian Patten, William Gregory-Smith, Joseph Miller, William and Richard Pylypchak.

And then the youth choir sang their songs. They’d been practicing for weeks and really, I was blown away with it all. They came a long way in those weeks of practices, and their energy and enthusiasm for the project was such a blessing to Gabriel.

Way to go, honey.