Yesterday turned out to be one of those heartwarming days that you tuck away into your memory for safekeeping. It started with biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. After that we were pretty lazy. Bronwyn found out she can stand on the couch to look out the window with Daddy’s help to balance her.

She was excited about that.

They watched the neighbor kids play in the snow.

Later that afternoon we took a drive up through the city to see what we could see. The roads weren’t bad and there was a lot less traffic, so it was an ideal day to be out. We drove around Phoenix Park for a while. It was lovely. This park is a good place to get “away” from the city (although it’s kind of a tourist trap, too). It’s huge, beautiful, and even has a herd of deer living in it.

A monument to the Duke of Wellington.

It was cold for the little baby.

Funny, this weather reminds me of South Carolina when it gets snow—people sledding down hills barely covered with snow, and grownups making snowmen.

After we left the park, we headed home straight through the city centre. We drove down along the quays all the way to the port.

On the way, we passed Heuston Train Station,

and the Dublin Eye.

Some architect had fun dreaming up this bridge …

… as well as this movie theatre.

We drove home, then.

Supper was bread (fresh out of the bread machine) and sausage vegetable soup, with this for dessert:

I don’t usually bake like this just for us. This cake was made with a fellowship meal at church in mind, but then church got cancelled, and so…we got the cake, which was a sweet ending to a happy day.