We leave the apartment at about 8:15 and get into our awesome car, thanking the Lord that we no longer have to take public transportation. (Boo.)

We drive through the empty streets (Dubliners are party-goers, not early-church-goers, like Belfasters. That was for you, Lucy :P). By the way, “ramps” are speed bumps.

The dear little baby in the back seat takes her morning nap.

Every time we pass this sign, I want to go to a horse race.

We get on the M9 (Gabriel wrote about it here). This road has changed our lives so much, making our drive to church shorter by  more than an hour.

We stare at beautiful scenery.

Well, I stare at it while the handsome chauffeur performs his duties (sometimes I stare at him too):

He has super-cool-way-rad prescription sunglasses.

So do I! 😀

A typical Irish shed (barn).

Gabriel knows the farmer whose land is intersected by this part of the M9. The Irish road department built him this bridge so that he has access to all of his property. That’s not the only bridge like this on this road. Some mornings we see cows crossing them.

When we see this bridge, we know we’re getting close to Waterford, and from there it’s about thirty minutes to our church in Dunmore East.

The bus station in Waterford where we’d come last year when we took the bus back and forth. Every time I see this station, I’m thankful all over again that we don’t need to do that anymore.

The Waterford Tall Ships Race sounds verrry exciting; I so want to see it. I’m told that ships from all over the world participate.

Look closely and you’ll see the corner of Jay-bee’s, the store that the mission operates. It’s a gas station, convenience store, bakery, and bookstore. The mission also sells the outdoor furniture that it makes here.

Getting reeeally close. We get to church at about 10:15, usually. It starts at 10:30 (hee hee) and lasts until about 12:00. Then we eat lunch, and if there’s a service in the evening or choir practice in the afternoon, we stay for that. Then we head home . . .

. . . drinking in a lovely sunset on the way.