What our mornings look like around here:

She likes to watch her dad get ready for school in the morning. Just in case you were wondering, that entails:

  • Removing his bike from the hooks he installed on the wall in our bedroom. Bikes get stolen ALL the time in Dublin, so he doesn’t park it outside overnight, and it’s against house rules to park them in our building’s main hallway, as was pointed out on a note taped to his bike one evening when we got home from church. So the bike gets to share our house with us, and it’s nice that we don’t have to walk around it in the hallway anymore.
  • Replacing the handlebars on straight—he has to unscrew them and turn them sideways so the bike fits on the wall hooks.
  • Putting slicks on over his pants so they don’t get oily from the chain.
  • Putting helmet, jacket, gloves, and scarf on.
  • Strapping his backpack to the luggage carrier on the back.
  • Actually going out the door.

Whew. Just typing out that list is laborious. I can see why Gabriel gets tired of the whole process and why it entertains Bronwyn!