Bronwyn is five months old now. (I realize this blog has been pretty Bronwyn-centered lately, and that you’re not as crazy about her as we are. But we have to brag SOMEwhere! :))

She’s “almost” doing a couple of things:

Almost eating real food. The shudders she made at this applesauce were so funny.

Almost crawling. She gets up and rocks back and forth on her hands and knees, and she scoots around on her tummy, but she hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet.

Almost sitting by herself. Part of me wishes she’d go ahead and accomplish these things, and part of me doesn’t want her growing up quite so fast.

She STILL doesn’t roll from her back to her tummy, though.

She sleeps from 8:00pm to 7:00am, and is usually up once to feed. I can live with that. I’m so glad she likes that early bedtime, because it gives us a few quiet hours in the evening.

I think this is how I’ll always remember her at this age: tiny, inquisitive face, mismatched ears, wispy black hair.

Thanks for humoring me. I promise to post soon with something of more general interest!