in Canada, you see, is directly after the harvest for which one is thanking God.  That would be… TODAY!

The lectures had a mournful tinge; had this been in Canada, I would not have had school today.  Rather, I would have had at least one Thanksgiving meal.  (And kudos to my family!  Those Thanksgiving dinners is eaten by a child of my parents are, well, it reminds one of the phrase, “which things the angels desire to look into.”  Gabriel’s reaction also reminds one of the steps of phagocytosis: recognition, attachment, and engulfment.)

Then I got home from school to my two favourite ladies in the world, and found that the one HAD MADE A THANKSGIVING DINNER IN HONOUR OF HER CANADIAN HUSBAND!  (The other was squawking around like she often does when I get home.)

I suppose the kind of love Jenn gives me is also one of those “things the angels desire to look into.” 🙂