is easy.

Changing tyres is not so easy.

Today I was getting a replacement tyre.  I dropped off my car and when to a nearby Aldi.  When I came back, the tyre still wasn’t off, and the mechanic was apparently ringing his friends regarding a… lock nut key.  He had already checked my boot, and there was no lock nut key there.  (A what?  I mean, usually I can pretend I understand I understand them, I didn’t know what a lock nut key was.)

He showed me the wheel.  See the lock nut?  Did I have a key for it?

As Bertie Wooster would say, it was with me the work of a brief moment to grasp that the situation at hand was desperate.  I am good at shoving responsibility onto other shoulders, so I asked the mechanic where lock nut keys usually are kept in a car.  He suggested checking the glove compartment since it wasn’t in the boot.

See it there in the top right-hand corner?  You stick the key on the lock nut, which then allows you to fit a regular hex spanner (wrench) to the nut.  It works.

He’s now my favourite Irish tyre shop guy. 🙂  I even learned that many car tyres have this mechanism, and no, the lock nut key isn’t specific to a particular model–it can be different for every car.

Is this normal aspect of anti-theft protocol and I just missed the memo?  I know I’m pretty dense.

P.S. (And no, Conrad, they’re not bolts.  They really are nuts.  I’m not just saying the wrong word. :-P)