After commenting about the “Beachy book” yesterday, I thought maybe I should explain what it is. It’s actually called the “Beachy Amish Mennonite Directory” (I think) and is a directory of all churches affiliated with the Beachy constituency. The listings are divided into churches, and then each household is listed, with the address, phone number, occupation of head of household, parents’ birthdays, anniversary, and children’s names and birthdays.

In the days before Facebook, it was a good place to look up your current crush, and yes I did it with Gabriel. I’m not the only one who used it for that reason, either. That’s why Gabriel’s brothers call it the “Beachy Trader” (which is a pun on the American publication “Auto Trader” that sells vehicles).

So there–if you ever get a crush on a Beachy, you know where to look them up. Just kidding. It’s good for lots of other things, too, although I wonder if Facebook, email, and the like are sort of phasing out the need for something like the Beachy Book. At any rate, the men in the picture in my previous post were evidently finding something intriguing about it!