Every year, the church we attend at Dunmore East hosts a Family Conference. Christian families from other parts of Ireland and the UK come for a weekend of fellowship and encouragement. There is usually a guest speaker in attendance; this year it was Johnny Miller from Minerva, Ohio.

This year the weather was absolutely beautiful the entire weekend. A good thing, because there really isn’t much room for the children to play besides the outdoors. There were games of Four Square . . .

. . . and Duck, Duck, Goose.

There were swing rides . . .

. . . and dress-up with Little House on the Prairie bonnets.

There was LOTS of good food and conversation.

(This baby girl and Bronwyn are third cousins, if that still counts as being related.)

We ate three meals a day together in the workshop next to the church, where the mission makes lawn furniture.

Not sure why they’re poring over the Beachy book here. (That’s one of our pastors, Dan Yoder, in the centre.)

This little girl in pink is everybody’s sweetheart.

These folks, Ed and Lois Yoder, left today to move back to America. We’ll miss them sorely.

This big girlie went with them, and we’re going to miss her, too! Whom will Gabriel tease after church?

I didn’t get any pictures of what took most of our time: the speaking sessions by Johnny Miller. I had never heard him speak before and had no idea he’s such a storyteller. For every point he made, it seemed like there was a story from his personal experience. He sure has a gift for taking ordinary happenings and making them come alive for his audience to illustrate a point.

And that was Family Conference 2010. Now you can go back to whatever it was you were doing. 😉