…sit in her booster seat!

Her aunt Dinah found this for a few bucks at a garage sale and we shipped it over with some other things this summer. I’m tickled that she can sit in it so well. It usually doesn’t last long…

…but at least she’s getting used to it, and it’s another place for her to play besides the floor.

At three and a half months, Bronwyn can:

  • Roll from her tummy to her back (she started doing this at ten weeks)
  • Giggle
  • Blow bubbles
  • Scoot around the floor on her tummy. At night I put her at the foot of her pack-n-play and in the morning I’ll find her all the way at the head of the bed.
  • Pull herself to a standing position, if someone is balancing her.
  • Take a bath in the big bathtub. At first she was really scared of it, but I tried it again last night, and she really liked it. So no more of this:

(although she really liked baths in the sink, too!)

What is with this tongue? It’s like she’s just figuring out that she can taste things, and she’s forever sticking it out. It wouldn’t be so funny if her tongue wasn’t so long (looks like she got more than just her eyes from the Zimmermans–right, Mom?).

Now if I could just get her to skip that middle-of-the-night feeding…