We made it! We’re in Dublin.

We took our baby on a seven-hour plane ride and she was an angel. She ate and slept and smiled at everyone who looked at her (and some who didn’t). Now she’s sacked out on the bed of our hotel room, and Gabriel and I both wish we were doing that, too. However, I am the mom so I feel like I should be Responsible and plus I want to sleep tonight, which I know I won’t do if I sleep all day (but I probably won’t sleep tonight anyway, because who knows what jet lag will do to Bronwyn). Gabriel can’t be sacked out because he had to go house hunting Immediately after arriving at our hotel and taking a shower. He only had maybe three hours of sleep on the plane, and now all day he’s been out in nasty weather, viewing houses that are either too expensive or too trashy for us to live in. (He takes good care of us.)

Y’all, this weather is sort of depressing. It is so windy that our plane was being pushed around when we landed. I got scared for a bit there, but it was okay—just bumpy. It is COLD; we had to dig out our jackets and bundle Bronwyn up in blankets. Hello? I thought this was August.

Yet, as dreadful as I feel and as stressful as it is for all of us, it doesn’t compare to last year in terms of stress and worry. This year, we know the city, the bus system, and the culture. We have friends at church and in Dublin who’ve offered us a place to stay until we find somewhere to live and whom we’re looking forward to seeing again. In a way it feels like coming home.

And that is such a blessing.