Sometimes I think about Abram and Sarai and wonder how she ever did it. Seriously, wandering around the wilderness for the rest of your life, not knowing where you’re going to spend the night or if you’ll ever get to settle in one place? I also wonder if she ever got mad at her husband for dragging her all over the tarnation creation, and at God for calling them out of the land of Uz (funny name). Yes, I’ve done both of those things, but don’t worry–we always make it up and are better friends afterwards. Plus, how could I stay mad at my husband when he offers to carry the baby in her Snugli?

Is that cute or is it cute? I ask you.

My parents came up to spend a few days with us before we leave. (THANK YOU, Mom and Dad.) Yesterday we went to Goderich, a small town on Lake Huron. The weather was spectacular.

We visited two historical museums. Mom and Dad are posing in front of a boat propellor, I think.

Like I said—spectacular.

It was so fun to see Bronwyn bond with her grandparents now that she’s a little older and more responsive.

Our little family. (Yes, those glasses are at least twelve years old. I hate them but can’t wear my contacts right now. Ick.)


So anyway, now we’re packing again. Our flight from Toronto to Dublin is on Monday at 9:00pm, so please pray for us then if you think of it. Six and a half hours on a plane with a baby doesn’t sound like a breeze, but I’m hoping she’ll sleep through most of it. (Any tips on traveling with a baby? I’d love to hear them.)

And then, hello Dublin! Hello apartment hunting! Hello public transportation! Hello dear friends at DECF! Hello Irish accent! Hello city life! Hello jet lag! Hello . . .

I just ran out of steam. Bye for now…and we really, really appreciate your prayers for us.