Normally my Google Reader inbox is sort of quiet, but today there were several good reads that I’d like to share with you.

  1. A list of good picture books here. I’m always looking for more recommendations on children’s books; I’ll never outgrow my love for them (I hope not anyway).
  2. Carolyn wrote about going green. It made me realize how much more aware I’ve become of my tiny social responsibility since I moved out of USA. My dear fellow Americans–we’re way behind the bandwagon on this one.
  3. Jewel wrote about the youth fellowship meetings and the dilemma we Americans face as Anabaptists living in a world-powerful country. I don’t even know Jewel, but I love reading her posts. It’s nice to know we have youth who are thoughtful and observant and who care about Anabaptism as well as following the Lord.
  4. I’ve loved reading Dorcas Smucker’s series of recent posts about her Epic trip with her daughter. (You can see the links under Previous Posts on the right hand side of the page.) I laughed out loud at her account of sharing a motel room with a hippie. I also realized what a different experience it is to travel by bus in the States as opposed to Europe. We spent upwards of six hours almost every weekend last year in Ireland on a bus, and the bus officials as well as the passengers were timely, professional, and courteous. We never encountered such collective rudeness as Dorcas experienced. Way to go, Bus Eireann!

There is your recommended reading. How did you like it?