In Dublin this past winter, I nearly went bonkers with loneliness. I thought, “If only we could see more friends during the week.”


Guess what I think now? “If only we could have several nights at home, just us.” Ha.

I’m being grateful for this round of sociabilities, because I know that in approximately a month and a half, I’ll be longing for this kind of thing again. But here’s what our schedule looked like the past few weeks:

Friday night: friends from Gabriel’s undergrad years come for supper (shish kebabs!)
Saturday night: Gabriel’s two younger siblings and Boris come for supper (grilled burgers and hotdogs) because the parents were out of town
Sunday: Lunch with friends down the street after church
Sunday night: Dinner with more friends down the street. Stay out until 11:30 and walk home on the dark roads under the starlit sky with sleeping baby in arms, thinking about how this is so peaceful and storing up the memories against the prospect of garish city nights this autumn.
Tuesday night: Campfire (mountain pies!) at friends’ house for supper.
Wednesday night: Prayer Meeting
Thursday night: Picnic with Gabriel’s work crew (grilled pork chops and sausages!)
Friday night: Supper at friends’ house (grilled chicken!)
Sunday: Seven friends over for lunch (grilled sausages!). Lots of good conversation–these were people we don’t get to see very often.
Sunday night: church.
Monday night: Gabriel goes to friend’s house to work on his car and their computer.
Tuesday night: Friend comes over so Gabriel can work on his computer.

The rest of the week looks like this:
Thursday night: Gabriel conducts choir practice.
Friday night: Friends over for supper (more shish kebabs!)
Saturday: Birthday party for Tamar, at her house.
Sunday: Lunch at friends’ house.

O Happy Medium, where art thou?

Also, now I understand why I didn’t have to go grocery shopping for a month—apparently we’ve been living off the good graces of our friends and their cooking.