That’s the line around here.

I’ve had lots of help with the baby since I got to my sister’s place yesterday. (Bronwyn’s first long trip to the States went well! She was a champion traveler.) Last night Clayton walked around with her for a long time while she got over a bellyache.

He’s good with babies. I might take him home with me.

“I want to hold her after you, Annie.”

Oh, goody.

She’s good with babies, too. I might have to take them all home with me.

This guy hasn’t changed at all since I saw him last summer, except to get bigger and louder and dirtier. I love him to bits, just like I do the rest of them.

Bronwyn had her first day at the pool today. The water and sun were awesome. It was good for my soul to do something so summery–brings back so many good memories of growing up in the south.

P.S. Daddy, we miss you! πŸ™‚