That’s what my brain feels like–mushy spaghetti, at that. But there are a few things I want to say.

1) Friday night we spent a delightful evening with friends, hearing about their lives and telling them about ours. One couple is soon moving further north to a farm where they plan to raise a small flock of sheep. Another just became ordained to the ministry in their church (how are we old enough to have friends who talk about “preaching on Sunday” and “going to ministers’ meetings”?). Another couple told us about their recent visit to The Taize Community in France and taught us some of the music they learned there. It touched a hungry part of my soul and made me wonder if I haven’t seriously been missing something in my worship habits.

2) This morning my friend Anita and I hit some garage sales, and was it ever worth it for me. I got a bouncy seat for the baby, a few toys, some very cute clothes, some Gordon Korman books for Gabriel’s funny bone, and a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner–ALL for $20.00. I just have to say, garage sales are one part of America that beats Europe (Ireland at least) to a pulp. It’s the major reason I waited to buy most of our baby stuff until we came to Canada–I knew we could find high-quality items for much less than we’d pay in Europe.

3) Speaking of the baby…well, there really isn’t anything to tell. I’m still pregnant! My friend in Ireland who was due two weeks after me has already had her baby! (Not to whine, but HOW is that fair?) I’m happy for her and grumpy for me. This baby is apparently in no rush to see the world, and I know I should be savoring these last few days of peace and quiet.

4) Washing up the kitchen floor on hands and knees does not induce labor. Amen.