I’m yawning because even a wonderful mattress like ours can’t always beat third-trimester sleep problems.

How was your day yesterday? Mine was low-key but satisfying, mainly because my husband catered to my every whim. Here’s how he spoiled me:

1) Agreed to skip Sunday school and go to church just for the main service. (My feet like turning into sausages lately when I sit for long periods of time.) I’m not sure how much of a sacrifice that was for him, but this next one probably required some fortitude:

2) Ate a meatless breakfast with me so I could satisfy my craving for waffles with fruit and whipped cream. Although he doesn’t complain, I know he’d still be glad for the hearty farmer’s breakfast like he grew up eating every morning.

3) Cut his nap short to take me for a walk in Stratford Park in the afternoon. It didn’t start my labor like I’d hoped, but we did get to see a Canadian goose sitting on a nest of newly-hatched goslings.

4) Arranged for us to visit his grandparents in the evening since I couldn’t hack the idea of staying at home. Somehow we ended up visiting both sets of grandparents, where we showed them pictures of Ireland and ate venison summer sausage and homemade donuts with blackberry tea.

5) Told me to sleep in this morning when he found out that I’d had a wakeful night. This meant that he fixed his own breakfast, and when I asked what he had packed for lunch, he replied, “Lots of good food.” (I assume that meant meat and white bread, but I was on my way back to dreamland at that point and didn’t ask questions.)

See? I’m spoiled.

How was your Mother’s Day?