The Rees farm is mostly a sheep farm, but they also have beef cattle.  A good farm is a lovely example of how to run a business, and Welsh farms underscore the diversity-equals-survival-and-maybe-even-profitability idea!

(It’s been weeks and I’m still posting pictures and bragging about their farm, but if you don’t like that, your people better talk to my people, because my people says that posting pictures isn’t out of season yet.)

One afternoon we tagged cattle.

It was time for one of the cows to be culled, so we unceremoniously loaded her into the trailer.  To all you Canadians out there, who appreciate the meaning of all those people wearing red poppies in their respective lapels around Remembrance Day: Matthew told me that he’s a farmer, so he can’t wear a poppy in his suit jacket.  That’s why he has it stuck in the grill of his vehicle.  And it is on the correct side–it’s on the side of the vehicle closest to his heart. 🙂

Since I was taking pictures that morning, I got one of the farmhouse.

Here’s the cow “shed.”

We took the cow to the “cattle mart” (cattle auction sale) in Lampeter, about 12 miles from Rhydalen.

A few hours to go until lunch… so the auctioneer ordered hot drinks for the buyers. One of the buyers went to the concession stand and returned with a tray of cups of hot tea!  See all those white styrofoam cups?

My people tell me that if I want comments on this post, I need to “wrap it up.”  I don’t know how to summarize, so just comment anyway!