New Quay, or Cei Newydd, is this absolutely darling fishing village on the coast where I stayed in Wales.

A picture is worth (more than) a thousand words, yes?

From a little lane–yes, this is a public road–leading to Penhryn, a farm where I worked for a few days:

Roads sort of evolved along with the country; it’s just a new dimension to the bucolic charm.

The village is chock full of colourful houses,

built on surprising slopes.

It is still officially a fishing village

with lots of pleasure craft.

The old cemetery is, well, just lovely.

Of course, the Church of Wales is present in New Quay.

Welsh, they told me, is very easy to read–you pronounce it just as it’s read.  Mama mia.

Just like there must be a church, there must also be a rectory.

As of tomorrow morning, though, this rectory will be empty.  The vicar has resigned his position and he and his family are moving to Ireland to be part of Dunmore East Christian Fellowship for a few months. We’re looking forward to this new addition to our “family.”