Last night Chadwick and I were discussing the coolalities of ferries.  That’s my nephew–if he has similar genes to me, he might never grow out of his fascination with big diesel engines.  This post is for Chadwick.

The bus on the far left was mine.  It took me from my home to the port, where the ferry was waiting.  Your Uncle Conrad would be hugely surprised to know that I actually caught the bus at 3:20 a.m., and I was even half-awake!

This was my first view of “my” ferry.  MS Stena Europe can carry almost 500 vehicles and over 1,000 people!  This picture is blurry because I had to take it through a (very) dirty plastic window.  But see how the entire back of the ship opens up so vehicles can drive onto the ship?

MS Stena Europe, at dock.  To get on the ship, we had to walk through big buildings and long tunnels, so I actually didn’t get to see the outside of the ship.  This picture is from the internet.

And so is this one!

When I was on the ship’s deck, I could watch the trucks (over here they’re called lorries, though) drive onto the ferry.

There were plenty of lifeboats for us all!

There’s even a helicopter pad on the ship.  When the ship is far from land, and somebody on board needs to be taken to land right away, a helicopter can come to the ship and pick up the person.

And somewhere across this Irish Sea is the lovely country of Wales!


P.S. Yes, I had to return to student life.  So I’m signing my posts with my student number again.