Gabriel is in Wales right now to experience lambing season. He says he’s having a wonderful time and that Wales is even prettier than Ireland, if you can imagine such a thing. He says Wales feels a lot more British, which makes sense since it is part of the UK.

I stayed at home so I don’t catch listeriosis from pregnant ewes. Yes, it is a real concern. Everyone with experience in lambing warned us that I need to stay away from the sheep farms right now. We sure don’t want a miscarriage, so we’re glad for the advice.

Although staying in Dublin by myself isn’t exactly my dream, it’s been okay so far. Yesterday a friend came over for tea (yes, I have a FRIEND in Dublin). Today I’m expecting a few potential renters to come view the apartment. I hope one of them wants it and is willing to commit to a lease! Tomorrow I’m going down to Dunmore East and will likely stay there until next weekend when Gabriel gets back from Wales. I would never have imagined that I’d be willing to attempt taking public transport from city to city in a foreign country all by myself. It’s one of the advantages of having an adventurous husband who encourages his wife to do things outside her comfort zone … if you call that an advantage, anyway. I do. (Most of the time.)

Anyway, when Gabriel gets back, expect to see lots of pictures of this beautiful Welsh countryside that he’s bragging about. I’m excited to see them (and him) myself.