Our one professor is a classical example of an Irish wit, and we North Americans all love him.  He was expounding upon mineral and vitamin (over here that first vowel, ‘i’, is a short vowel) deficiencies, and how dairy cows can have acute deficiencies.  “Non-turbo yielding animals” don’t usually have those problems.

In anatomy today the professor was describing an examination per rectum in a horse.  “Not one of your favourite pastimes,” to use his words…  This may be an arguable point, but I think that’s entirely too close to a horse, what with being near the kicking apparatus and all that.  Arguably, as long as the horse shows clearly in a scope, good enough is good enough, and for some snipers that’s over a thousand metres, isn’t it?  The professor’s dear brother, it turns out, did one of the previously mentioned examinations.  He took the precaution of having somebody hold up a front hoof.  (If one of the forelimbs is raised, the animal won’t be kicking around at the back end.)  You guessed it.  That somebody let down the limb just for a moment.  The professor’s brother got off easy–instead of a morgue, he was sent to the hospital for a fairly serious surgery repairing his splintered jaw.  Those four teeth that he lost are, well, just gone. 😦  I suppose one of the take home lessons is that you always TIE up that forelimb; don’t take the shortcut and just get somebody to hold it for you.  It will make your life that much cushier.

Alternatively, you could stay far away from horses!