Gabriel and I have  learned to like Brie and Camembert cheese since coming to Ireland. (Yes, I know pregnant women aren’t supposed to have soft cheese–but if I tried to do everything the books tell me to do, I’d go crazy even faster than I currently am doing.) Gabriel walks by a Super Quinn grocery store on his way home from school every day, and he often stops in to see if they’re handing out free samples of cheese. One day at another store I tasted Wensleydale cheese with cranberries–that stuff is delicious. But I can’t bring myself to try the bleu cheese he brought home last week. I draw the line at fuzzy mold visibly growing in the cheese, and I can hardly believe that the same man who freaks out that I will cut mold off a slice of bread and eat the rest, will eat this bleu cheese. But I’m impressed at his willingness to try new tastes, and I hope it rubs off on me eventually.

What’s your favorite “weird” or plain cheese? Any more that we should try?