Last night Jenn was looking at some advertisements for free stuff available in the area.  We idly discussed the merits of free things, and how that nothing is better than a free item unless it’s a free item that’s delivered to you.  (In a pre-Henry Ford world, this is big, real big.  We don’t even have a little red wagon, much less a horse and cart, so it’s big to us, too.)  Of course, at the time, naturally, like, these were jests.

Jenn, who’s sort of a magical kind of engineer, rang this lady about a microwave last night.  The lady found out that I would come by bus this morning to collect the microwave.  The lady took pity on me–the microwave apparently is quite huge and heavy–and drove it up to Rathmines.

And here it is!  To boost my ego, I must admit the microwave wasn’t very huge and heavy.  In fact, it fits perfectly into our tiny kitchen.  We’re squeaking for pure joy.

Microwaves and miracles, you see.