And so 2010 begins.  My grades came out on the 20th, and apparently I passed all my courses.  So I can enter the future without worrying about exam repeats, compensations, taking an entire course again, or, horrible thought, dropping out of school!

(I’m not the same person that I was before my cancer–hence the lack of details–and I sure can’t brag about any A+’s!  My results weren’t outstanding from a strictly academic viewpoint, but I’m quite tickled!  I’m still trying to deal with the emotional trauma caused by the Irish marking scheme on the mind of a Canadian student.:-)  What’s done is done–and I passed.)

The second semester at school is a bit heavier than the first semester.  A super-duper group let me join them for dissections, and since we’ll work on other course work together as well, this semester promises to be wonderful!

My courses this semester:
Abdomen and pelvis anatomy
Digestive physiology and metabolism
Food animals & applied breeding
Locomotion and exercise
Practical animal nutrition
Reproductive biology
I was taught how to capitalize titles.  Don’t blame my teachers.  Don’t blame Jennifer.  I’m just copying the course titles, and I suppose the lack of capitalization is because science makes up strange rules about titles!