I know, how catchy and “fetching” a title is that. (“Fetching” is one of Gabriel’s favorite words, except he uses it out of context and makes me laugh every time.)

But here are some very random news bits from our new year:

— I have exactly one New Year’s Resolution: to use a day planner regularly. I’ve ordered The Time Keeper due to many positive reviews, and am looking forward to its arrival in a couple weeks. I haven’t been motivated to make any more resolutions, and I know how bad I am at keeping them anyway. I’m determined to keep this one, though.

— Holidays are wonderful things, but it’s good to get back to a more regular schedule too. After a few weeks in Ukraine, we came home and left the next day for the weekend in Dunmore East. The following weekend, we headed back down, this time to stay for over a week to help the Yoders on their new house, and to give me a friendly place to stay while Gabriel went to Kilkenny for a few days. Now I’m enjoying being back in our (still smelly) flat, catching up on laundry and various other household duties that feel wonderfully domestic after a few weeks of traveling.

— The week before last, we had a thorough ultrasound done to check for abnormalities of any kind in our baby. The little peanut appears to be developing normally. Such standard news, but so relieving and joyful for us. Now I’m starting to get excited about this baby’s arrival! Judging by the strength and frequency of its kicking, we’re going to have a firecracker on our hands. (Maybe most new moms think that.)

Anita introduced me to Rummer Godden’s books recently, and over the holidays I read three of them. Oh my … I have a new favourite author. Love when that happens.

— As an incentive for new graduate students to open an account with them, one of Ireland’s banks is offering a free flight to any one of ten major European cities. Gabriel qualifies for the flight, so now we need to decide where and when we want to go. Of course there are oodles of fine print and conditions, but still, doesn’t that sound terribly exciting?